About Us

About Us

The Reading Police Department consists of 42 sworn police officers, 9 civilian dispatchers, 1 civilian animal control and parking enforcement officer, 2 part time substance abuse outreach coordinators, and 2 civilian administrators. We are a member of the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC), which you may read more about by clicking here. We currently have 3 officers assigned to the NEMLEC Regional Response Team.

The Reading Police Department subscribes to and practices the tenants of Community Policing by proactively engaging and working with the local community to keep peace, order, lawfulness and to work with residents and entities to help address and manage complex issues in the community.

The Reading Police Department has jurisdiction over the 9.9 square miles within the political boundaries of the Town of Reading. Our resient population is around 25,000 people.

The biggest and most visible part of the Department is our Patrol Division. Our Patrol Officers respond to emergencies, conduct initial investigations, enforce state and local law, and maintain a strong patrol presence around the clock. The Patrol Division consists of 33 Police Officers, separated into a Dayshift Division and a Nightshift Division.

Our Criminal Division, commonly referred to as the Detective Unit, operates behind the scenes conducting interviews and narcotics investigations, coordinating prosecution with state attorneys, processing evidence, and a variety of other matters requiring a more thorough follow up. The Criminal Division consists of 6 Detectives and 1 School Resource Officer.

The Support Services Division is the smallest branch of the Department, consisting of the Traffic & Safety Officer, Armorer & Licensing Officer, Accreditation Team, Firearms Instructors, and Animal Control & Parking Enforcement Officer. As its name implies, the Support Services Division is tasked with carrying out very specific, specialty items.

You may reach any Division through our Dispatch Center by calling:

(781) 944-1212