Civic Functions & Special Events

Civic Functions & Special Events
Civic functions and special events that seek to use public parks, roadways, buildings, or other municipal resources require a Civic Function Permit, which is issued through the Community Services Department at Town Hall. Conducting or hosting an event on public party without said permit is prohibited and organizers run the risk of having their event shut down. The permitting process involves an interdepartmental review of the public safety, public works, and community management issues associated with each particular event.
For more information and a copy of the most current permit application, please contact Caitlin Saunders at the Town Manager's Office at Town Hall at (781) 942-9043.
A list of the most common examples of events that require a permit are as follows:
- Neighborhood Block Parties
- Road Races
- Vigils, Marches or Parades
- Certain Fundraisers
- Other Special Events