Parking & Compost Permits

Resident Parking & Compost Stickers

*Please read all information on this page*
General Information
Access to the following areas requires a Reading Community Access Sticker for the current calendar year:
1. Compost Center on Strout Avenue
2. Resident Only Parking areas
3. Certain designated overnight parking areas

Reading Community Access stickers are available to Reading residents only at a cost of $25.00.

Residents who have more than one vehicle registered to the same family at the same address may secure a Reading Community Access sticker for each vehicle. There are two discounts that may apply. The first discount, known as the Multi-Vehicle Discount, is given to those residents who simultaneously apply for and purchase multiple stickers at the same time. The multivehicle discount reduces the cost of subsequent stickers to $10.00. The second discount, known as the Senior Discount, reduces the cost of the initial vehicle to $15.00 for those residents over the age of sixty-five.


How to Apply for a Sticker
These stickers are available at the Reading Police Station, 15 Union Street, at any time, day or night. Reading Community Access stickers will be issued on an annual basis beginning January 1. They will be available throughout the year but the cost will not be prorated. To obtain a Reading Community Access sticker, download the form here or obtain a copy at the police station. Reading residents must show identification to prove that they live in the Town, and that their vehicle is registered in the Town of Reading. Identification must include a Massachusetts Driver's License and a Massachusetts Vehicle Registration both showing the same owner’s name at the same Reading address. Reading Community Access stickers will be issued only to the vehicle owner. For leased vehicles, proof from the leasing agency that the resident requesting the sticker has control of the vehicle and that it is garaged at the resident’s principle residence will be required.


For People Who Reside in Restricted Areas
Residents whose street frontage has a posted “Resident Parking” restriction are eligible to apply for a Reading Community Access permit at no charge. The Town will issue said stickers to abutting residents on the same basis as noted above. This subset of residents shall be issued a number of Reading Community Access stickers equal to the number of vehicles registered at the address. The Reading Community Access stickers issued to said subset of residents will be modified such that the stickers are easily identified, and will not allow access to the Compost Center or to commuter parking in the designated lots, or to other sites for which the regular Reading Community Access sticker is required.
Proper Display of Stickers
All such parking will be available on a first come, first serve basis, which is to say that the purchase of Reading Community Access stickers by residents does not guarantee a parking space. All permit stickers must be placed on the left side, rear window of the vehicle, as far towards the rear as possible. Only current stickers may be displayed—previous year’s stickers must be removed. Permit stickers are not transferable to any other vehicle. If a vehicle is sold, the sticker must be removed, and the old sticker may be submitted to the Reading Police Department. A new sticker will then be issued at no additional cost for the period that the old sticker applies. Parking in all regulated areas, where not parallel to the street, will be front-in parking only to enable the Town to properly enforce these requirements. Parking in designated areas without a sticker shall subject the vehicle owner to a parking fine in accordance with Town regulations and denial of access to the Compost Center.
Non-Transferability & No Re-Selling
No person shall sell, offer for sale, give, trade or otherwise transfer a Reading Community Access sticker to  another person, or affix the sticker to a motor vehicle other than for the one issued or alter the sticker. Violation of this section will result in revocation of the sticker and parking privileges, and may be prosecuted according to law.
Handicapped Parking
Handicapped Parking will be permitted in designated spaces with a State Handicapped Parking Permit, and no Reading Community Access sticker or Employee Parking sticker will be required.